Photographer gives attention to those who make Hoboken tick –

Photographer gives attention to those who make Hoboken tick –

March 14, 2019 Off By readly

Tom Zuk has had decades of experience doing street and studio photography of the people he feels really make Hoboken move like clockwork. His latest series. “Work/Seven Portraits,” captures these people and can be seen at its opening reception at the Hoboken Historical Musuem on Sunday, March 17, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Nannies, dog walkers, crossing guards, waiters, package deliverers; these are the people that make Hoboken tick. They deliver your goods, serve your food, walk your dogs, watch your children, and control traffic. They’re subject to the elements and their jobs are described by economists as “service” and “labor.”

“Without them there would be no modern, prosperous Hoboken,” said Zuk. “To apply the same level of detail to them like I would for a CEO in a photo shoot is my way of giving them their due.”

Zuk is no stranger to showing off his photographs of the city. His recent exhibit at the museum, “Rear Window’s,” featured his photographic art that was taken from his own apartment window.

The seven people who posed for Zuk’s portraits represent the hundreds of workers whose lives aren’t the kind of thing you would see on the cover of magazines. While they may blend in to the city when they’re working their jobs, Zuk’s portraits allow viewers to give them their undivided attention.

The exhibit will run until April 21. A free reception will allow visitors to meet the photographer himself and possibly some of his subjects for his portraits. The Hoboken Historical Museum is located at 1301 Hudson St., Hoboken.

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