Israeli searchers find body after American teen disappears in Mediterranean Sea

But authorities have not confirmed whether the body is that of 19-year-old TeNiya Elnora Jones. The University of Kentucky sophomore is studying abroad this summer in the Middle East, the university said.

On Saturday night, Jones and two other students were swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the students later said they were caught in a strong current and pulled out to sea, the university said.

Two students were able to make it back to shore, but Jones was not.

Search teams teams began sweeping the area with helicopters, drones, divers, boats and jet skis, Israeli police said. They found a body Monday morning.

The US Embassy in Israel said it has been providing consular services to Jones’ family.

Jones, from Fort Myers, Florida, is a biology major who is also studying Islamic Studies, her university said. She is participating in an overseas summer program focused on the Arabic language.

CNN’s Keith Allen contributed to this report.

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