Captive State review – ambitious sci-fi thriller offers up uneven intrigue

March 14, 2019 Off By readly

A jumble of themes and ideas jostle for space in an audacious, but often messy, film that takes a familiar alien invasion set-up and goes for broke

Buried somewhere underneath the wreckage, there’s a smart little sci-fi film pulsing at the centre of Captive State, a scrappy, unwieldy curio with plenty on its mind, coherence not necessarily included. Shot over two years ago and pushed around the release schedule, it’s a troubled project that feels troubled, with confused editing and clear structural issues clueing us in on its difficult journey to the screen. It’s a frustrating experience but one that remains worthwhile because there’s just enough of a glimmer of the film it could have been to make it worth watching the film it turned into instead.

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