When a Father Loses His Son: Remembering Connor

Anyone who is a parent knows, standing up to give or hear your child’s eulogy is our worst fear and nightmare.

Whenever I hear about the death of a child, my heart drops and I want to reach over & hug my boys. When it happens to you, you are numb. It’s surreal. Why? And every pain & fear you’ve ever felt the moment they were born is realized in an instant.

Today I share a little bit about how I’m processing the recent death of my son who had just turned 19.

Connor Aslay came into this world beating to his own drum and on some level, I knew, he wasn’t meant for a conventional world. He saw the dark side in humor and he approached life without fear. He was obsessed with Christmas and bugged his mom in June, where are we going to put the tree? His attitude was, you aren’t going to affect my chi because he had self-confidence and self-awareness.

Months before he passed, our conversations were beginning to be philosophical and we did a dive deep into the spiritual meaning of the movie The Matrix. He felt we all lived in a Matrix. He lived his way and then he passed.

Connor was and is so very loved for who he is… no shame, no judgment for his choices. Just loved.

So, let’s celebrate his time here and remember we can all choose love over fear. Gratitude over ego. Joy over suffering. The only way I can get through this right now… is to know, he’s not suffering, for life has many joys as well as many pains.

Here’s a short video expressing my thoughts and feelings…


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