Through the Eyes of a Child Immigrant

Through his story we are able to look at the contentious debate surrounding immigration through a different lens. Morales leaves us with several questions that could change the way we think and talk about immigrants.

My work has allowed me to become more of a global citizen and to expand my knowledge of world cultures. I am currently the Program Manager and I oversee all of our communication with students and professors—over 7,000 students per year. As part of the Center and as one of the coordinators of the Soc 119 course, I have also traveled to Haiti to volunteer my time in community development and I was interviewed by MTV last year as one of their “Game Changers,” which they define as young professionals doing work for the greater good of the community. I am currently applying to graduate school with the intention of starting next fall and to be able to continue to pursue my passion for humanity, education, and higher learning.


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