They Are Just the Best

They Are Just the Best

March 11, 2019 Off By readly

A Saturday morning that starts off with donuts from Cider Belly tells you that it’s going to be a good day!

Seriously. I don’t think I would ever be able to pass up a good donut like these. They are just incredible!

We snagged our weekly half dozen of donuts after our last week of Saturday morning soccer for the boys. Alex will still be continuing during the week when he’s with my mother-in-law, but Lucas will be taking a break since baseball will be starting up at the end of April (YAY!!).

Most of our Saturday afternoon was spent hanging at home, and the weather was nice enough (although still chilly) to get outside for a bit and some of the neighborhood kiddos got to play.

Early Saturday evening, my parents came to pick up the boys for a fun-filled sleepover! They all went out to dinner, then hit up the bowling alley for some bowling, which they both loved.

And mom and dad got out for dinner and drinks with some friends!

First we met up with our pals Brian and Mal for dinner at Innovo Kitchen, which we’ve been to a couple of times in the past, but this particular visit wasn’t quite as good as we remembered. Ahh well.

I ordered their house made black bean burger, which was okay, but nothing to really rave about. Their fries, however, are always delicious.

And then after dinner, the four of us met up with the rest of our friends at Brick House Tavern to help celebrate our friend Steve’s 40th birthday!

Getting to spend time with these girls always makes me so, so happy. They are just the best. <3

Thanks to the boys having their sleepover, Jay and I got to sleep in a bit into Sunday, enjoyed a slow morning of coffee and a couple of our DVR’d shows, and also squeezed in a couple of workouts.

I just finished up my second round of FB Burn with Fitness Blender last week, so I decided to start another round of FB Strong (you can read my review on that here!). Part of me is starting to get a little bored with the Fitness Blender workouts (I still love them, I’ve just been doing them consistently for about a year now), so I’m trying to think of what else I might be able to switch up and/or incorporate into my routine. So we shall see!

And now, here we are into another new week, which happens to be a pretty fun and exciting one for us…we’re bringing the boys to see Sesame Street Live on Tuesday, and then later in the week we’re headed back to Great Wolf Lodge, and I am honestly SO EXCITED to surprise them with it!

I’ll catch you guys later this week – have a great day! <3

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