The Highs, The Lows, and The Unchanging Constant

Highs. Lows. They’re inevitable and a natural part of the human experience. Just as nature expresses itself with radiant sunlight, peaceful moonlight, and twinkling stars, it also expresses itself with torrential rains, earthquakes, lightning, and raging fires. Like nature, we all experience a wide range of emotions—some are peaceful, comforting, uplifting. Some leave us feeling shaken to our core, even devastated.

“All of life is peaks and valleys.

Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low.” 

~John Wooden

Something happens in our lives and we experience a high that is liberating, expansive, it feels as if we are on top of the world. We luxuriate in the delicious feeling of euphoria. We never want that feeling to end. Within the same hour, day, or week, something else happens and we are plummeted to an extreme low. A sense of hopelessness may pervade our minds and bodies. It may feel like we won’t emerge again. When we experience the highs or lows, it can feel like it is the only reality that exists. But, it isn’t.

One of those times when it felt like I might not emerge from a low point in my life was after a sporting accident while traveling in Australia. In just one moment, everything in my reality changed. Chronic pain took up residence in my body and mind. There were many days, months, and even years of lows. And, from the lows that resulted due to my sudden health challenge, I eventually experienced highs greater than I had ever known, and more importantly, the balance in between. It was the lows that eventually led me to discover my passion and purpose. I created a band, My Silent Bravery, out of my passion to inspire, motivate, and help others overcome their challenges. My Silent Bravery symbolizes persistence, perseverance and inner strength to overcome obstacles in the face of adversity.

Over the past twelve years, I have experienced many highs and lows in the music business. It can often feel like being on a roller coaster of emotions. In order for me to keep a greater sense of balance, I always return to remembering why I originally chose to be in the music industry. I always return to what I am passionate about and my purpose—to inspire, motivate, and help others persevere and find their inner strength to overcome their obstacles in the face of adversity. I have found that in persisting and persevering through the lows and learning from them, I will once again experience the highs, and I always aim toward the balance in between the two. I have learned that if you can find a way to appreciate the lows even though it may feel like they are sucking the life force out of you, there is always some message and gift that they deliver. I have learned to savor the highs even more because of the lows. I have learned to take the leaps of faith when I am called to do something new that feels challenging. I have learned to be grateful for the successes and failures because both are taking me to new heights.

“Life is a series of highs and lows, an adventure that requires you to take chances and actions that have the possibility of both success (happiness) and failure (sadness).”

~Author Unknown

Most of us are experiencing similar highs and lows. We can relate to the pleasures and pain of others because we have experienced it ourselves. At the end of the day, if we can transcend the two extremes of highs and lows, it all comes back to love and being supportive of each other and finding balance. This is the reason the Bravehearts came into existence. The Bravehearts are fans of My Silent Bravery, and we come together weekly as a community when I host a weekly Facebook Live program, titled MSB TV. We connect and support each other with heart to heart conversations and share our highs and lows, our struggles and breakthroughs. You are warmly invited to join us!

Kordell Stewart, a former NFL football player, says this about highs and lows.

“My focus is on always trying to treat the inevitable highs and lows of life

with the same blissful, calm energy.”


I wrote a song a few years ago titled, “Stop and Go” as part of my Diamond from Coal album. I hope you enjoy it here:

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did really well under pressure.”

~Henry Kissinger

Lyrics to “Stop and Go”

I say goodbye, get good and ready to get by on my own
My bags are packed, guitar in back, my destination unknown
It’s time I made a go of it out on the road
The odds are stacked, no coming back, till I turn diamond from coal and its cold

Roadblock’s blocking
But I keep clocking miles
Only stopping
To keep on rocking

The stop and go

I must admit, been through some sh-t, it’s really taken its toll
My silent bravery nearly got ripped right out of my soul and sold
That’s just the way that it goes, so I am told
Its rock and roll, you roll with it, or pack your gear and go home but I won’t

Roadblock’s blocking
But I keep clocking miles
Only stopping
To keep on rocking

The stop and go

No one’s unlocking
All these doors I’m knocking on
Roadblocks blocking
So I’ll keep clocking miles
Only stopping
To keep on rocking

The stop and go

Let’s go, just go

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