4 Plumbing Upgrades That Will Raise Your House’s Value

Owning a home is a wonderful feeling, but an even better feeling is seeing your home’s value rise in price. It doesn’t always happen, but with the right amount of care and maintenance, you should be able to guarantee some steady appreciation. And when you think maintenance, think plumbing, since your home’s plumbing is the lifeblood of the property. With these four simple plumbing upgrades, the value of your home can increase significantly.

Bathroom Appliances

The first easy thing you can do is to update all of the major plumbing appliances in your bathroom, such as bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. This easy change will improve the look of your bathroom, as well as making it more appealing for you as a homeowner. Have your local plumbing company install a modern bathtub, sink, and toilet to make your home look more up to date and trendy. The bonus here is that newer appliances tend to conserve water better as well, saving you (and the potential buyer of your house) money on water.

Drain Repair

Another way to improve your home’s value is to have your drains inspected and perhaps even replaced. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no back ups in your kitchen or bathroom pipes. Repairing all of your drains will lead to longer lasting pipes. Anything can get stuck in drains such as hair, food, and even grime and grease from dirty kitchen plates, and repairing all of the drains proactively is an excellent way to live more comfortably, while boosting the home value.


Installing a dishwasher to your kitchen can be a huge seller to potential homebuyers. Have a plumber install a dishwasher, and feel the freedom of not having to slave over a sink full of dishes for hours, after each meal. By adding a dishwasher to your home the value will surely go up. Not sure which to dishwasher to choose? By visiting this website homeowners can see what types of dishwashers are voted the best, to ensure they get the best quality possible. There are a lot of options out there, and it can be good to cut through the noise by focusing on appliances with good customer reviews.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is a big upgrade for any home. Firstly, the convenience factor is through the roof. As long as you get the proper size unit for your house and factor in the number of people, you can get an unlimited supply of hot water, even with more than one person showering at a time.

The added benefit that really excites homeowners the energy saving component. Instead of having a huge tank of water constantly heated and awaiting use (as is the case with traditional hot water tanks) the water is heater as it passes through the unit, saving energy and money over time. It’s very important to do your research on the best tankless water heater for your home, as there is no cookie cutter answer. Do your research and work with a reputable plumber and enjoy unlimited showers while saving money!


Plumbing is one of the main components to any household, and by updating, repairing, or upgrading your plumbing appliances and pipes, your home’s value will increase. It’s as easy as hiring professional plumbers to come out and install or repair a few upgrades ensuring that all jobs are done properly and thoroughly.

Many homebuyers’ main selling points are kitchens and bathrooms, and with these updates and repairs home sellers can have peace of mind that everything is new and in working order. The price you spend on plumbing upgrades will net you a fair return on investment, since homebuyers often look for “complete homes” – that is, homes that don’t need any extra maintenance. Call your local plumber today and have them install these four  practical plumbing upgrades!

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