Things I’m Loving Friday #245

I’ve been looking forward to today all week because Ryder and I are off to Florida this afternoon! My mom and I planned a baby shower for my sister on Saturday and I cannot wait to celebrate her little one.

This will also be Ryder’s first time flying on a plane so please cross your fingers for us for a smooth flight. The first time I flew with Chase we flew by ourselves to Denver when he was six months old so a short flight to Jacksonville feels WAY less intimidating, especially with a younger — and hopefully sleepier — baby in tow. Let’s hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot with that statement!

I’ll be sure to recap Leslie’s baby shower on the blog soon but until then, let’s stick with the usual around here and dive into my weekly Things I’m Loving Friday favorites. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Garage Shoulder Workout

A small miracle happened in our house on Wednesday afternoon. Ryder and Chase napped at the SAME time. It was amazing and fantastic and I took full advantage of TWO HOURS of napping children to do ALL the things. I worked on this blog post, responded to emails, did some laundry, prepped dinner and squeezed in a quick garage workout. Woop! (Oh and before you think things were easy breezy over here all week, let’s just say Wednesday was a bit of an anomaly on the productivity front. Ooph.)

Wednesday’s garage workout was definitely a highlight for me and I focused on strength training my shoulders in a superset format so it would be a fast and efficient workout. I am so excited to get back into semi-regular workouts and cannot wait to share more of them with you guys in the coming weeks and months. I’ve missed my workouts a lot and really enjoy sharing them with you guys here and on Instagram!

  • Getting a Jump Start on Ryder’s Baby Book

It took me weeks to complete Chase’s baby book when I was in a mad dash to get it done before Christmas one year and I am determined to not let myself get so behind this time. I am hoping that by working on Ryder’s baby book in little segments and setting aside a little bit of time every month, it won’t feel like such a daunting project where I have to sift through hundreds of photos at one time. (I’m using the Hand Painted Baby template through Mixbook for his album.) This may be wishful thinking, but I hope I can stick to this plan and have a wonderful book filled with some of our favorite photos of Ryder when he turns one!

  • Swapping Out Plastics

I’m sure a bunch of you guys read about the latest report from the American Academy of Pediatrics related to plastics and children that cautioned against reheating certain types of plastic in the microwave or dishwasher. I’m not sure why I never thought about the dishwasher being an issue but the latest report served as a bit of a scare to me! It also motivated me to go back to hand washing our favorite plastic sippy cups and plates and encouraged me to begin swapping out some of the plastics we use for Chase’s food and drinks in favor of glass or stainless steel options. (FYI, the AAP recommends completely avoiding plastics with recycling codes 3, 6 and 7.)

I ordered four stainless steel tumblers + straws from Amazon (the same ones Tina‘s son loves) and a few more of the stainless steel snack containers we use all the time from EarthHero. (I order the large size of the Sidekick containers and think they’re perfect for carting around freshly sliced fruits and veggies, cereal, nuts and other snacks for our whole family. They’re $7 via EarthHero — nearly $8 cheaper than I found them on Amazon.)

And if you guys happen to have any glass or stainless steel kid-friendly water bottle recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I’m in the market for a water bottle for Chase that has a built in straw so he doesn’t have to tip it over to drink it.

A couple of you noticed the personalized blanket Ryder was wrapped up in on my mom’s chest in a picture of him on the blog a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to mention it here ever since! It’s a beautiful and incredibly soft blanket we received from the kind people behind Audrey’s Bear! We’ve been loving our Audrey’s Bear blanket for snuggle time with Ryder but what I love even more is the fact that Audrey’s Bear participates in swaddle4swaddle, a program dedicated to supplying swaddle blankets and “bringing smiles and comfort to NICU babies and their families.” For every swaddle blanket purchased through Audrey’s Bear, they donate a blanket through swaddle4swaddle. I am already planning to buy one of their gorgeous blankets for my sister’s baby once her little boy or girl arrives in September!

  • Friday Flashbacks

10 Recipes To Make for Your Summer Cookout (With summer winding down, I wanted to share this flashback post just in case you have a fun cookout on the agenda before everyone is all about the fall!)

Total Body Pyramid Workout (Pyramid workouts are some of my favorite workouts to complete because once you finish one level and move onto the next, it feels like a mini victory within the workout.)

Questions of the Day

Tell me about something you’re looking forward to this weekend!

What is one thing that is making you smile this week?

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