Let It Be Sunday, 213!

Let It Be Sunday, 213!

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Let It Be Sunday, 213!

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Hello friends!

I’ve been in Kansas City, MO the past few days with my dearheart of a friend Cara Nicoletti.  Go on with your sweet self, Kansas City!  I see you have the absolute best croissant I’ve ever had a Messenger Coffee/Ibis Bakery and some of the kindest people I’ve come across. Well done. What a dang good town. 

Back in New Orleans we’ve made it through Mardi Gras and thank goodness… we have work to do. The end of Fat Tuesday and the start of Lent is like New Orleans New Year. It’s our fresh start and we’re ready for it.  To be clear, we’re also ready to ease into festival season this spring because there’s always something to celebrate. 

I hope this finds you well.  We may be a little tired today with daylight savings time but we have so many long days to look forward to!  Let’s enjoy the light! 

Here is today’s offering. Lots of lady stuff, let’s dive in: 

  An incredible list for here and now: The 25 Songs That Matter Right Now. (NY Mag) 

  This dude stayed petty to the graaaaave:  Gardener Murders Enemies From Beyond The Grave.  Again I’ll ask, why are men? (The Cut)

  A really very sweet story about the late great Luke Perry. (Instagram)

•  Mardi Gras ravages our city and we love it but WOW WOW the plastic and trash.  What Happens To All Those Beads After Mardi Gras? There are a few krewes around town that have started making paper bead and seed pod throws – every little bit helps! (Bloomberg)

•  The People Who Eat The Same Meal Everyday.  I basically wear a uniform and eat beans and greens everyday so… I get it.  (The Atlantic) 

•  “No matter where you come from or what language you speak, there will always be aspects of the female experience to connect over.”  Beautiful perspectives. How Women Photographers Access Worlds Hidden From Men (National Geographic) 

•  Liftin’ each other right on up! 12 Women Helping Other Women Be Their Best and Brightest in 2019. (The Kitchn) 

  Let’s take a few minutes for this true queen: The Remarkable Life of Margaret Rudkin, Founder of Pepperidge Farm (Taste) 

•  Two things!  First – March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and if it’s something you want to know more about for yourself, this is a great place to be: Know Your Endo.  I’m working through changing my diet and some of my lifestyle choices and I’ll be honest in saying that it is challenging.  Second – period underwear. A game changer? I’m about to find out. (Know Your Endo and Sustain Natural) 

  Jon made Pork Egg Roll Noodle Bowls and now I want to make everything into a noodle bowl. (The Candid Appetite) 

  Welcome one, welcome all. It’s fish fry season! (Joy the Baker) 

•   Listen… I’m just very much into these yoga velvets.  (I have a pair of the pants and they’re pretty dreamy!)

•  I’ll leave this here on the off chance you’re looking to develop a vintage Rolex obsession: Craft and Tailored.  They’re timeless. The details!  They’re BEAUTIFUL. 

I hope you have a most mellow day.

My love to you.

xo Joy

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