Tmall New Products dedicated gateway on Mobile Taobao app

Tmall New Products dedicated gateway on Mobile Taobao app

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Tmall New Products

Alibaba have launched a new dedicated gateway for consumers to find Tmall New Products products on its sister Mobile Taobao app. The move comes as Tmall looks to reinforce its position as a branding powerhouse, as well as the go-to platform for brands making product debuts in China.

Taobao users can click on a Tmall icon to access the channel, titled Tmall New Products, which features an array of creative content and personalized recommendations to help consumers discover exciting products that just hit the market. The Taobao app has nearly 700 million mobile monthly active users and is opened 7.8 times a day, making it a prime window for the new Tmall gateway.

“Building on our strong track record, we will continue to invest heavily in 2019 to help Tmall brands and merchants attract traffic and infuse innovation into their supply chain management, product development and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Our goal is for Tmall to become the top launchpad for global brands’ debuts. We will provide the necessary support to brands to make their product launches more effective, on target and successful.”
– Jiang Fan, President, Taobao and Tmall

The Tmall New Products channel also means brands tapping Tmall’s popular suite of product-debut marketing solutions, such as Hey Box or the Tmall Innovation Center, both of which leverage consumer insights to help brands speed up new product development, can further extend their reach through the Taobao app.

“Hey Box sifts through the most exciting new items in the market for consumers, to bring them a personalized selection of products. For one user, for example, the app might show them lipstick, eye shadow and streetwear, while another user might see shaving razors or other electronic gadgets. “For brands, the tool helps to attract new customers and keep their brand image fresh and relevant for young consumers in China.

“When we first came up with the name, ‘Hey Box,’ which in Chinese translates to ‘little black box,’ we especially liked the sense of mystery it conveys. When consumers open the box, they won’t know what to expect — we want to always surprise them with something brand new.”
– Miya Duan, general manager of brand marketing, Tmall Marketing

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