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Instagram, Facebook: Fueling Jealousy and Envy Among Travelers

Social media is being used by many travelers as a way of making friends jealous of their travels, according to a new survey by Allianz Travel Insurance. — Source of this (above) article:

Day-Use Hotel Rentals: Rooms for Re-Charging

Day-use hotel rooms have long been the go-to cure for jet-lag and long layovers, but they have become so much more recently. — Source of this (above) article:

Great Dane Journeys: Russia by Rail

Great Dane Journeys offer interesting journeys to remote places, like Russia’s Sovetsky islands, then all the way down to Moscow. — Source of this (above) article:

Prince Edward Island: The Garden in the Gulf

Prince Edward Island, located above Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada, is called the Garden of the Gulf, and offers fresh seafood, biking, and Canadian history. — Source of this (above) article: