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Ionic liquid

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An ionic liquid (IL) is a salt in the liquid state. In some contexts, the term has been restricted to…

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Association of Iranian Journalists

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The Association of Iranian Journalists (Persian: انجمن صنفی روزنامه‌نگاران ایران‎) is a professional organization in Iran that serves to “protect…

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Kingston Grammar School

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Kingston Grammar School is an independent co-educational day school in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London. The school was founded by…

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Peter Maurice King

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Peter Maurice King (1940 – 24 September 2018) was an Australian politician. He was a National Country Party member of…

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Haidar Mohammed Al-Asadi

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Haidar Mohammed Alasadi (born November 18, 1986)[1] is an Iraqi kickboxer. He is the 2013 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts…

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Babariya (Gir Gadhada)

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Babariya (Gujarati: બાબરીયા), also known as Gir Babariya, is a village / panchayat[3][4] located in the Gir Gadhada Taluka of…

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Deverry Cycle

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The Deverry Cycle is a series of Celtic fantasy novels by Katharine Kerr set in the fictional land of Deverry.…

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Kantha, Kale

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Kantha Village Kantha Location in Burma Coordinates: 23°8′N 94°4′E / 23.133°N 94.067°E / 23.133; 94.067Coordinates: 23°8′N 94°4′E / 23.133°N 94.067°E…