“If I Could Do My 30s All Over Again, I’d…”

“If I Could Do My 30s All Over Again, I’d…”

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I had a hard time being present with my kids when they were young as it was right when the company was beginning to expand. I would come home and keep thinking about work or read reports. So I wish I would have been more present with my kids. That is one of my biggest lessons: Be present where you are. — Eileen Fisher, designer

Break up more. Seriously. Dump that boyfriend, get that divorce. You’re not even 40 yet! There’s plenty of time to find new love—why waste your 30s with the bad? —David Tamarkin, digital director of Epicurious

I would have gone back to cooking school for real and become a chef! I took a few classes while I was out of work with the twins, but ended up at Domino. —Stella Bugbee, editor-in-chief of The Cut

I would’ve slept more and spent more time doing activities that strengthen my body to avoid aches and pains. More yoga, more strength training, more stretching and regular physical therapy. — Niki Nakayama, chef/owner of n/naka

I would have answered fewer emails and spent more time with my children. It’s not too late though—the last year of my 30s will be spent centering what matters most. —Leah Penniman, co-founder and co-director of Soul Fire Farm.

Looking back, I wish I would have carved out a little more personal time. Opening my first restaurant in my mid-30s was both exciting and stressful and I poured everything into it. I think it’s important to take some carved out, dedicated time each week to step back, refuel and recharge. — Nina Compton, Chef/Co-owner of Compere Lapin and Bywater American Bistro in New Orleans

I wish I had traveled more. Travel is the key to understanding everything, especially home. As a chef that translates home-cooking techniques to restaurant cooking, my travels inform everything I do. —Alex Raij, chef/owner at Txikito, El Quinto Pino, La Vara, and Saint Julivert Fisherie

I would have valued my female friendships as much as my romantic ones: All of those women are still an essential part of my life. The men? Not a one. —Christine Muhlke, Bon Appetit editor-at-large and founder of Bureau X

I would have proactively taken better care of my body. Cooking is extremely physical and very hard on your body as the years go on. I found pilates in my 40s and it has helped significantly, but I can only imagine how much better I would feel today if I had been doing it all along. —Missy Robbins, chef/owner at Misi and Lilia

I would have had five kids! I have one—he is my inspiration and motivation and heart wrapped in one. Having more would have been so fun (and kept me even more so on my toes)! Gabriela Cámara, chef/owner of Contramar and Cala

What I would definitely do differently would be to commit to my love of dance, drag, kink, fashion, and art just as much as I committed to my work. I would find a better balance between my duty and the dance floor. Ora Wise, activist, organizer, and cook

In my 30s (and 40s and a little less in my 50s) I was very driven and life was all about work, work, work. I’d have taken more time for mental health, and put more time and effort into creating and supporting friendships. — Liz Prueitt, co-founder of Tartine Bakery

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