eBay crashed temporarily Tuesday morning

eBay crashed temporarily Tuesday morning

June 12, 2019 Off By readly

eBay crashed Tuesday morning

It looks like there has been a major outage at eBay today starting at around 7am through to around 8.45am when the site started to return to normal although some users are still reporting problems.

Downdetector peaked at some 8,600s reports with users reporting seeing a message saying “Our server is down, but we’ll have things back to normal soon. If you still need help, visit our help pages.”

As you can imagine users have flooded social media with comments and our inbox here at Tamebay has been filling up this morning. Buyers are complaining that they’re unable to shop and sellers getting into the warehouse hoping for an early start have been left twiddling their thumbs. Some complained of auctions ending with buyers unable to place last minute bids, but these are likely to be relatively few in the UK as commuter time isn’t generally the best time of day to end auctions and the vast majority of listings on eBay are fixed price these days.

When eBay crashed it not only took out the desktop site but also the mobile app stopped working too.

It appears that eBay crashed not just in the UK, but across the EU with few reports coming in from as far afield as Australia. The bulk of reports however are from the UK and from Germany where the main issues appear to have been.

Hopefully if you’re accessing eBay now things should be relatively normal with reports having dropped from the multiple thousands to the few hundreds but we’ll be monitoring the situation throughout the morning

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