Samsung’s first 5G phone is out for Verizon customers

Samsung’s first 5G phone is out for Verizon customers

May 18, 2019 Off By readly

Samsung’s 5G phone has hit the market — it is the first time a smartphone can access 5G without an attachment in the US.

Later this year


the smartphone will launch in additional cities on Verizon and work with other carriers, including

Sprint (S)


AT&T (T)

, which owns CNN’s parent company.

The networks are still very limited, but the phone is a big step toward a greater roll out. The launch will likely help carriers test their service and create the foundation for future iterations of 5G devices.

The smartphone features a 6.7-inch display and six camera lenses, including a dual-front camera with a 3D-depth lens to handle things like augmented reality. It’s available in two storage options — 256GB or 512GB — and comes in silver or black.

While the device costs $1300 for Verizon customers, they can snag it for half off for a limited time on Verizon’s website and in its stores.

Verizon was also the first carrier to offer a 5G-compatible phone when it launched its moto z3 smartphone. However, that phone required an accessory that attached to the back of the device to access the 5G network.

One Verizon store representative in Chicago and another in Minneapolis confirmed the 5G device is for sale at their locations but said they hadn’t noticed an increase in sales or lines.

With the release of its first 5G phone,

Samsung (SSNLF)

gets a running start ahead of

Apple (AAPL)

, which isn’t expected to debut a 5G iPhone until the final quarter of 2020. The transition from 4G to 5G is expected to be more widespread that year, too.

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