Wikipedia Is ‘Doing Very Well Financially’, Says Co-Founder Jimmy Wales

May 17, 2019 Off By readly

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said this week that the free online encyclopedia is in good financial shape, although increasing mobile phone use may cut into future donations. From a report: "We are doing very well financially," Wales told AFP ahead of Vivatech, a Paris tech fair for start-up companies. "We spend less than we bring in every year," he said. Wikipedia had "never been really good" at attracting major donors, with most of its money coming from people each giving around 15 euros ($16.80) in endowment money, he said. Wikipedia has published nearly 350 million articles, and has clocked up more than 190 billion views over the past 12 months. But Wales also said he feared a threat to Wikipedia’s business model from increasing use of mobile devices coupled with personal assistant applications like Apple’s Siri. "We see a rise of people using Wikipedia in ways that don’t involve websites," he said. "We love that but you don’t come to the website and see the (request for donations) banner. We haven’t seen any impact yet but we worry, we think we should raise money."

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