Trim the Deadwood—It’s Gotta Go!

Trim the Deadwood—It’s Gotta Go!

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Len and I were sitting in our backyard watching the girls play (our three dogs) and simply enjoying the lovely spring weather and beautiful late afternoon sky. Almost simultaneously we said, “It’s time”—time to remove the obviously dead limb on one of the oak trees.

Deadwood is a threat to tree health. Infestations thrive in the decaying wood, which can ultimately lead to the death of the tree—not to mention, it can make a tree structurally unsound.

Deadwood pruning is the removal from the tree of the dead, dying, or broken branches and diseased branch wood. This can be significant for the health of a tree—allowing the tree to flourish.

Certain people, places, and things have the ability to drag individuals down—deadwood. Maybe they’re time or energy thieves, or maybe they’re a financial drain. Regardless, they have the ability to weaken an otherwise sound structure.

What deadwood needs to be removed from your life in order for you to flourish?

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