It’s OK Not To Be OK

It’s OK Not To Be OK

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You know that point in life where you feel as though you’re at your limit? Nerves shot? Overthinking? Emotional turmoil? When all of these things start to add up, it is time to make a change. I’m talking about doing the difficult thing that most self-reliant individuals don’t do: reach out for help. In our society, we’ve shamed others for reaching out for help calling others attention seekers, weak and so on. Something needs to be done with the way that we function in this world. No more man is on an island by himself rhetoric. IT is OKAY not to BE OKAY. You don’t have to have all of your ducks in a row or your situations tied up in a neat little bow to be doing excellent in life. It is okay to ask for help. Find a safe space to be vulnerable and express yourself. Allow others to pour into you; to give you counsel, affection, whatever it is that you need. Don’t let the fear of you feeling unworthy keep you from reaching out to the people who will love you. Not everyone is going to resonate with what you are going through and that’s okay. If that does happen, go to the next person.

WE thrive in Community

We are not meant to do life alone even though sometimes within our trials we may face loneliness. We are made better when others touch our lives even if things fall apart. We are still forever altered because of their connection with us. In community, we find similarities, differences, spirited discussions and a sense of belonging among many other things. Moments of shared connection, the AH-HA YES ME TOO exclamations of relief and glee make the awkward attempts of belonging worth it. The feeling of being at home with your chosen tribe of individuals is exhilarating and worth seeking out. If you don’t have a support group, start building one now. Know who you can go to in a crisis—this is not limited to anything emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. The definition of a crisis is unique to each person. Build your support network so that you will have a strong foundation of helpers who can validate, strengthen and give you tools to help you in your journey. One person may not be able to meet all of your needs so being able to call upon a multitude gives you more opportunities to receive what you need. There is so much power in the reflection, vulnerability, and courage it takes to take that first step to ask for help.

Normalize Seeking Professional Help

This should be a global battle cry. The same way in which we go to the doctor when we are physically sick, we should be able to go see a professional counselor, life coach, healer, friend, whatever it may be without the shame and stigma attached to doing so. Caring for your mind and spirit is equally as important as caring for your body. IF this is you waiting on a sign to seek help and you’ve been putting it off—here it is. Do a radical act of self-love and be BOLD and ask for the help that you deserve. No matter what you are going through, you are worthy of taking care of yourself.

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